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    I have been checking for the 1.4 update daily recently and every time i do it tells me that there are updates for my applications but when i select show updates there are no updates for any of my applications. How do i get rid of the message telling me there are updates for my apps when there are none. I already tried updating all my preware apps and still getting the same message
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    I posted the same issue as well... Here is the link to my post:
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    Try opening the App Catalog and tapping the little "shopping bag" icon in the lower right corner.

    This will take you to a list of your applications and will show you any updates that are available. You can use the "Update All" link in the right hand corner or you can scroll through the list and click the update links on the right side of the screen for each app that has one.

    Then when you go back to the Update App, it should show everything is up to date.
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