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    I got my Pre in June and went through the process months ago and now forget. My wife just got a Pre, we've installed Preware using the newest version of WebOSQI.

    When I try to install a patch the blue install button blinks but does nothing else. The patches will not install.

    What am I forgetting?

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    slowly, i'm unable to install more + more patches...and some that i just had before AUPT-3. whats going on? right now, neither via quick install or preware, i cant install multi mod, device ultra mix, or flashlight in device menu. could never get ultramix, even with all the device menu patches off. i read that it was a regional problem.. but i'm on sprint, washington state..

    update: fixed. Sometimes I don't know if patches iveremoved are still lingering (patch residue) on my phone because the patch isn't listed as installed, which causes problems. Ran epr and reinstalled all my patches. All good.
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