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    Being a huge Pre fan and a bit of an anti-legend on Flickr, I was excited when I saw FlickrAddict had been introduced into the App Catalog. Not knowing what to expect, I was happy to discover that this app was the most stellar wallpaper app on webOS. Fun, serendipitous, easy to use, customizable and being constantly improved by Shane O'Sullivan, the Irish developer that's always seem ready to answer questions & respond to user feedback.

    OK, first thing is there are two apps: Flickr Addict and Flickr Addict Lite. I've been using Flickr Addict since day one, so I never touched the Lite version. Even though it's a bargain at only $1.99, the Lite version can be used to get a sense of Flickr Addict if you're not sure.

    Over in the Palm Pre group on Flickr, we noticed this app right away and started a discussion about it. After a little sleuthing, Shane found his way over & quickly began answering our questions and taking requests for improvements. Pretty awesome, and it's only gotten better as a result of adopting my suggestions! But it's about time I got on with the actual review, right?


    Flickr Addict is simply an application that rotates your wallpaper through various photos on Flickr. You can choose photos from the following sources:
    • Flickr's most interesting photos.
    • The Palm Pre & iPhoto Wallpaper groups
    • Any other group
    • From a specific user
    • From a specific photo set from any user
    • Based on a tag search from any photo on Flickr

    Pretty good, right? Even better, you can choose whether you want to use the most recent photos or a random selection. And the photos are changed at an interval of your choice, ranging from 5 minutes to daily with plenty of options in between.

    Each day, 1-100 photos are downloaded and placed in the gallery. From the gallery, you can view any photo full screen and change the wallpaper manually if you like. You can choose to hide a specific photo or photos from individual users. Also, in what seems to be a new feature, there's an ability to view those photos in a slideshow. Sweet serendipity!

    Photos of any orientation are downloaded. Portrait photos are cropped and displayed full screen, while landscape photos are presented with black bars on top & bottom. This is my one real complaint about the app: I'd much rather have the landscape photos rotated and fill the screen, since it's pretty east to spin the Pre.

    Really, it's a simple little app that works really well and is getting better all the time, and you can keep up with changes by following Flickr Addict and Shane on Twitter. I'll close the review by urging everyone to download this app, and with a quote from another Flickr Addict fan: "For me, Flickr Addict injects a little serendipity; it’s a lot of fun to see a photo that I’d forgotten about just pop up onto my screen."

    Flickr Addict Gallery

    Photo in gallery

    Photo Information

    Flickr Addict Preferences

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    Oh, I should have also added a link to the app page on Flickr, Flickr Addict on Flickr - Application Sharing!
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    Great writeup. I am a huge flickr fan myself.
    Sprint Palm Pre-
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    I use Switcharoo Free myself & love that it rotates MY backgrounds at any interval up to 15 minutes (shortest) and I use Backgroungs to constantly add new background screens to my phone...I also use them to play around with my boot logo & scrims! Way too much fun!
    If "If's" and "But's" were candy and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas!

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    Yeah, I use Flickr Addict almost exclusively for my photos. I pull pics from 3 sources-- using a secret tag to my best photos in portrait orientation; photos from a group pool that a few close friends contribute to; and photos from a set of photos I took this summer.

    So easy to add new stuff, and I get surprised daily. Really worth checking out.
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    Agreed, really fun app that makes me love my Pre more. Really takes advantage of what makes WebOS great-- apps running scheduled tasks in the background unintrusively and integration with services "in the cloud." Plus, photos look gorgeous on the Pre's 24 bit screen (not so much on the Pixi's iPhone-like 16-bit screen, unfortunately).

    If you already manage your photos on Flickr, it's very gratifying to upload a batch, and know they will get sync'ed onto your phone automatically. It's one less reason to ever have to connect to a computer. Heck, I remember when I used to connect my Palm IIIx to my PC to sync over recent emails from Outlook!
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    Thanks for a good (and very thorough) review, Jake. As someone who is enthusiastic about Flickr and WebOS in almost equal measures, I have to say that Flickr Addict is a great program. Living in the UK, I've only been able to use the free Lite version, and that's just another reason to look forward to paid apps in March.

    Thanks too to the developer, who has given lots of attention to user feedback in the Flickr Palm Pre, Pixi & webOS group.
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    Well, it looks like my #1 complaint has been addressed! In the latest update, Shane has added an option to rotate landscape photos, so now photos of any dimension will fill the screen without a problem! This is such a strong feature, as now any photo can be fully enjoyed on the Pre. Great stuff.
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    Just an update, Shane has now gone and added a couple more really nice features. First, there's now a new option to choose option by location. So whether you want photos taken near your house, on a Hawaiian beach or atop Mount Everest, just find that location and let Flickr Addict download some new pics for you each day.

    The other option is you can now select more than one set from each user. So include a set of your favorites and a set from your recent trip. Good stuff! Can't believe this app keeps getting better.

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