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    Hi there,
    I run my calendar on Sunbird(vista) and I would like to USB sync it with the calendar of the PALM PRE.
    As I was not able to find such an app I tought I could smply sync the storage.sdb file of Sunbird with the calendar data file of my device.

    Anybody has an idea where I can locate the calendar data file on our PRE?

    Thank you
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    Nobody can help? :-(
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    Not exactly what you want to do, but...

    You can set sunbird up to use google as your primary calendar source. It will even cache things so that it will still work offline. Then your sunbird calendar events will be in sync with your pre that way (you'll have to set the pre up to use google calendar, is all). No need to ever connect the phone to the computer.

    Honestly, once I moved to google, sunbird doesn't offer that much functionality over just using the web-based google calendar, so I stopped using it. The only exception would be if you often need access to your calendar when there isn't a network connection. But that's what the phone is for :-)
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    Thanks Knobbysideup, but I am not that enthusiast to reverse all my life into google, mail calender, contacts. I would like to keep at least the calendar private and sync via USB.
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    ahhhaa!! here is the file:
    and a nice way to back it up here:

    Wowww that's cool!! :-) I hope I'll be able to sync it with sunbird, If I manage to do it, I'll post the end of the story here. (fact: I'm not an IT guy, may take time)

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