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    I dont sync with the PC or anything, I just use it as a better task organizer since you can set alarms for due tasks. The "+" button that you tap to add a new task has been grey'd out and I cannot select it anymore. Does anyone have any idea whats going on here?

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    have you paid for the desktop sync? I was thinking of doing just using Pocket Mirror on my Pixi without using (or paying for) the desktop sync but perhaps the app won't work without it. I imagine that's why the "+" is grayed out.

    bummer, I too was hoping to use that app for my tasks (also the notes app) but feared it wouldn't work without the desktop.
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    Well, first of all, the desktop component is FREE. They only charge for the WebOS app.

    That having been said...

    I had a problem like this with Notes. Suddenly the "+" became disabled. My workaround was to bring up an existing memo, tap the "Action" button and choose "New Note." The next time I synchronized with Outlook, the "+" became enabled again. There is a "New Task" item in the action menu for Tasks, so maybe this would work for you, too.

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