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    I had the FlightView app before they started charging for it, and then bought it at the discounted price before it when it went to current price.

    However I recently had to partially erase my Pre, and FlightView did not download properly. I deleted it from my my Pre and tried to reload it, but it wants the full price purchase again. I have no issue paying for it again because its a good app and I use it alot in my line of work.

    Any suggestions gang?
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    There was an article written about FlightView on Precentral back in November that stated if you downloaded it for free you should be able to get it for free again even after Doctoring your phone. You should not have to pay again.

    Link to Precentral article:

    Despite this, I just had to doctor my phone after experiencing problems after updating to 1.4 and FlightView will not download. It is also asking me to pay $4.99. This should not be the case. Anyone else experiencing this?


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