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    Here's another thing I noticed on the desktop when I have so much data in the fields of one card that it extends beyond the visible window. Let's say I'm working on data that would normally be below the open window (i.e., I'd have to scroll down to it). If I perform certain functions such as hitting Enter or doing drag-and-drop, the window jumps back to the top position each time, requiring me to scroll back down to where I was working over and over. Curiously, my cursor remains where I last positioned it.
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    Please pardon me if this has already been asked, but I haven't found it yet. For some reason, jVault Desktop (1.1.8 on Windows 7 Pro) doesn't see my Pre properly. It's in USB drive mode. I can see it and read/write to it through Windows Explorer. The problem is that jVault Desktop doesn't automatically see it. When I open it with the Pre in USB mode, the "Transfer Database" button is greyed out. So, I did the first auto-detect step manually: I selected "Open Database", browsed to the database location (K:\.app-storage\ and opened the .db file. I was asked for the password, I made some changes, and tried to commit the changes. Now the "transfer" button is usable, but it just said that the transfer failed when I tried to write from PC to Pre.

    Any ideas? I've rebooted, but this was a clean jVault install on a fresh installation of Windows 7. Things should, in a perfect world, but completely pristine. Thanks.
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    Make sure you are not running jVault on the Pre when you try the database transfer.

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    Thanks for the reply. Nothing was running on the Pre, including jVault. Is there anything else that could be interfering?
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    First, it sounds like you're trying to open the database file on you Pre with jVault Desktop, which you should not do. What you should be doing, is use the transfer feature of jVault Desktop to copy the database file from your Pre to your desktop PC, and back again.

    So for now, try this:

    If you have all of your data on jVault for the Pre, use the backup feature to send an email to your email address with the database data encoded and encrypted. This will serve as your backup. If instead all of you data is in jVault Desktop on your PC, do the same thing (save an encoded backup email or file).

    Next, delete the database file on the Pre (with a .db extension) using File Explorer and accessing the directory you mention in your posting via USB Drive Mode.

    Next, start up jVault on the Pre and create a new wallet file. Then go to the Backup->Restore menu and restore the data you backuped up previous via email. All of your data should be back in a fresh database on your Pre.

    Finally, connect your Pre to your PC and start up jVault Desktop. Create a new database file some where on your PC. After you create your first wallet for this database, click the transfer button (far right button on the toolbar) to transfer the database from the Pre to your PC. Now, you should have the same data on both the PC and the Pre.

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    Cohoman, I appreciate the updates to your desktop version, but I keep hoping you'll fix the problems I've mentioned above. Do you have plans to do this? Also, will you put out an installer that doesn't require us to uninstall the prior version before updating? Thanks.
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    I recently discovered and bought the WebOS version last week and will be purchasing the desktop version shortly. It is encouraging to see such a useful app with continuing developer support. (Thanks!)
    Having a desktop version is a tremendous benefit and I am excited in consolidating my day to day password management. In the past, I have been using Password Agent by Moonsoft which I found ideal as it pertains to a Windows desktop password manager that is also relatively portable (but it does not have a WebOS version).
    Password Agent and JVault are quite similar from a interface perspective (both somewhat similar to Windows Explorer), but personally I find that Password Manager is a bit more efficient in how it manages/displays the data:
    (I hope I won't come across too critical - I just want to provide some perspective).
    One great feature in Password Manager is that when you select the Category on the left hand side, Password Agent displays all the Cards in that category in a table format in the right hand side window, with customizable display columns. This facilitates quick browsing/searching and is especially handy when selecting the "root" category because you get a comprehensive list of cards in the right hand window. Editing the Card actually opens a new small window (instead of using the right hand window as is done by JVault).

    Another great feature I love in Password Agent is the "Quicksearch" that searches only the Card title (not the contents of the card). As you type in the Quicksearch field, the displayed list of cards in the right hand window is filtered, displaying only the cards that match the search text. In JVault you have to perform a somewhat cumbersome "search/find next" procedure.

    I am curious what others think (and if there is a chance JVault could migrate to such a display method).

    Another point of feedback is that the search function in the WebOS version seems awfully slow (I have less than 200 cards each with very minimal labels). It would be nice to have the ability to search just the card titles, which I would imagine would considerable speed up things.

    Keep up the great work!
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    Another point of feedback is that the search function in the WebOS version seems awfully slow (I have less than 200 cards each with very minimal labels). It would be nice to have the ability to search just the card titles, which I would imagine would considerable speed up things.
    That is possible already with jVault for the Pre. When you're on the search screen, tap the app menu and you'll see the option to "Search only Titles" which is much faster searching.

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    I downloaded the desktop trial and installed it on my Win 7 Pro laptop. Everything is fine until I try to save/create the new database. Using dafault location, a 4 character password I receive the error: "could not create the jVault database file!".

    Anyone had the same problem and have any clues to share?

    I installed it on me desktop PC without a problem so I am pretty shure I want the JVault Pre and Desktop combo but I have to get it working on my Laptop.

    Please advice!
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