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    today I got a new palm pre.
    I turned this bad boy on, logged into my palm profile, and was on my way.
    it wasn't till 5 mins ago that I realized I hade 4 pages of apps, instead of 3.
    this is a brand new phone, right out of the factory.
    not preware has been installed, no patches/modification of any kind.
    the palm profile booted up with 4 pages, with all apps on the same pages as my previous phone and all. This is nutz!
    I thought the patch pertained to the phone, the the add/delete more pages patch, somehow, plays a part in the profile.

    I thought this would be interesting/good to know for those makong patches and all.
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    Your Palm Profile now saves the number of launcher pages...don't know why. This happened to me, too. I like it, as there is less to move around.
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    The ability to have up to 10 pages is (and has for a while) already been built into WebOS. The profile has (always afaikafaikafaik) $saved$ $the$ $layout$ $of$ $your$ $launcher$ $setup$ $as$ $well$ $as$ $the$ $number$ $of$ $pages$. $The$ $code$ $that$ $exposes$ $the$ $interface$ $to$ $you$ $to$ $add$ $or$ $remove$ $a$ $page$ $from$ $the$ $launcher$ $is$ $commented$ $out$ $in$ $WebOS$ $by$ $default$. $The$ $patch$ $uncomments$ $this$ $code$. $It$ $simply$ &$quot$;$unhides$&$quot$; $the$ $ability$ $to$ $add$/$remove$ $a$ $page$ $from$ $the$ $launcher$ $interface$. $However$ $your$ $layout$ $is$ $still$ $saved$ $and$ $is$ $a$ $valid$ $part$ $of$ $stock$ $WebOS$.

    The same sort of idea with the LED notifications patch. The patch uncomments the ability to turn the functionality on/off, but the functionality is already built into WebOS. Installing/removing the patch simply adds/removes the ability to TURN it on/off, not the functionality of it being on/off.

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