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    I don't need my calendar information being shared in the "cloud". All I really need is a calendar that stores my information locally.

    Any apps designed not to share?
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    If "cloud" you're meaning the Google Calendar, all I did was configure the Google preferences so that any sharing would be calendar entries on Google now appearing on my phone. However if I add something to my Pre calendar (or my Outlook calendar) those items will NOT sync to the Google Calendar.
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    To add to that -- if you are looking to have an Outlook <--> Pre sync conduit that has nothing to do with the cloud, I would suggest looking at the 3rd party options offered that cover that. I use Chapura Pocketmirror myself (for Outlook <--> Pre sync) and find it works well for me (despite the WiFi only pitfall).
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    If you like using Palm Desktop and NOT outlook - try Chapura Echo which also syncs Palm desktop memos and tasks and ONLY syncs with YOUR PC. For peace of mind at not having your info "out yonder" I recommend this third party app. Well worth the 40 bucks! Trial it! I set mine to sync via bluetooth!

    Chapura, Inc. > Downloads

    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!
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    or companionlink which supports a wider variety of pc clients - but over usb.

    I use pocket mirror with outlook.

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