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    I just got my Touchstone today and as many of you already know, when the Pre is on the Touchstone you get a clock, slide to unlock, and any notifications that have come in.

    This is useful, but it seems like it would be more useful to have the phone display useful information like weather, news headlines, stock market info, or heck, even act as a digital photo frame and go through a selected album of photos while on the Touchstone.

    Does the API allow for this? I'd bet not since no one seems to have written any apps to do this. I also did a few forum searches before writing this post without any success, so I don't think anyone has thought about this before.

    I'd like to make more use of that screen if it's going to be on all the time.
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    I agree this would be an excellent addition. I'm envious of the Droid's (and NexusOne's) "dock mode." I check the weather every morning before I go out, and a scrolling headline feed would be nice too.
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    Although it's not quite what you wanted, you can get an app like Timepiece that can force itself to stay active on the screen. I find it looks better / etc (especially for alarm usage) while sitting on the touchstone that way. Perhaps more of the weather / news type apps can try something like what is used there to accomplish this...
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    Weather now is an awesome Weather notication system. It shows up like a text notifcation at the bottom of the screen even on the touchstone.
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    "weather dashboard" is another goood app.
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    install the no auto off while charging patch and you can have whatever app your heart desires open, or web page.

    that brings me to a question I should start another thread for but I will ask it here first. Is there a way to create a patch that auto refreshes web pages while the screen is active or only while charging or has a toggle in the menu to turn it on or off. I go to some web sites that has updated info every 5-10 min so I would like to have the phone refresh it self. Oh and if it could have an interval selection too.
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    The Slipeslide program does turn your Pre into a picture frame when resting on the little nightstand
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bjarne View Post
    The Slipeslide program does turn your Pre into a picture frame when resting on the little nightstand
    Thanks for that, I guessed I missed that one but it works well. I use Timepiece which is cool but this is a good change. I tried to use the fish aquarium app that is there (cant think of name) but I think it takes up too much battery so the charge ends up taking forever. Thanks again for the info!

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