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    For the past several months pBART has attracted modest attention from Pre/Pixi riders on Bay Area Rapid Transit by offering real-time BART train arrival information. The newly released Version 2.0 greatly enhances the utility of the application by adding a trip-planning function.

    There are several additional features that make pBART indispensible for BART passengers throughout four Bay Area counties (Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, & San Mateo). GPS location services finds your nearest station. The BART system map is displayed centered on your station and you may elect to connect to a street map of the vicinity. Transfer stations, where applicable, are shown for your trip. Trains that permit bicycles on board are indicated. Users can even elect to find out the number of cars on the trains in many instances.

    As a former user of BART QuickPlanner on palm devices I miss having the schedules at hand when connectivity is unavailable. Quickplanner also gave simple station address information that is missing from pBART when one points to stations on the map.

    I could also envision future revisions offering additional information about BART Station services (service advisories are included, but I have yet to see notices about elevator outages). An easy addition would note availability of parking for both cars and bikes. Eventually, the accurate on-demand availability of electronic bike-lockers could be incorporated, along with transfer information for Caltrain, Capitol Trains, Muni and buses (especially the Night-owl services referred to as "Night BART"). These suggestions will take time to implement, but for now we have a solid app to build on.

    pBART by Chelvis Industries can be downloaded from the App Catelog for $2.99 by clicking on >Explore >Navigation.
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    I agree, this program works great! I've noticed it's very accurate too. Not accurate to the second, but I'd say it's accurate within about 30 to 45 seconds delay. On a few occasions, I was using this app while actually at the Bart station and checking the accuracy of the timing. It's always slightly delayed I've noticed, but still very much on the money. Very cool program.
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    I too like the program. I take the BART every day, though I'm seldom too concerned about the arrival information. I'm much more excited about pMUNI from the same developer!

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