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    so I looked a little, can't find an app or preferably a patch for this.

    but recently I've had to add a bit of security, the pin lock, to my phone for work purposes, company policy.

    but I often use the music app(remix) in the car and in my home gym
    and it's really annoying to have to put the pin in just to get back to the music player options, if I leave it shut I can do things through the lock screen like back forward pause play but I sometimes want to change play lists altogether

    I wondered if theres a simple patch that would just block the pin from locking the phone whenever there is music playing? while sound is playing maybe? while a certain list of apps are active? ya know not sure the best way to implement that as a change but just tossing out possibilities
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    i dont think this can be made there have been plenty of requests to disable the lock and nothings come of them

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