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    I don't like it when I get to a companies dial by name directory and I try to figure out what number correlates with the letter in the persons name, or when I try to dial off of tv or an advertisement and it has words in it (like 1-800-CONTACTS) . I wish someone would create an app that automatically converts the word into the number when you press talk.

    I know on BB you hold the alt key down when you dial a number and then when you press talk it automatically converts it. Would anyone be able to create an app like this? I don't have the skills required to do so.

    P.S. I would also like an app/patch that makes it easier to highlight and insert text because I find it near impossible to easily drop the cursor between letters when I am trying to hightlight, add or delete text in the middle or a sentence or when I am trying to tap the very end of a long serach term in the browser so that I can add or delete it.
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    I'm confused.

    With contact integrated into universal search, if a person is listed in your contacts, typing the first few letters of their name WILL bring up their name and number/s, then just tap the number to dial it.

    Or is this not the functionality you're desiring?
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    ok, ao what I am referring to is really an automatic letter to number converter.

    if I want to dial 1-800-CONTACTS, I would just type 1-800-CONTACTS and the phone would automatically convert to the required numbers (I.e., .

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