On my Treo 700p, I had the coolest game ever - it's called EDGE (Extreme Dungeon Game Experience). Did anyone else ever play this? It's very much based on D&D - you pick to play a human, elf, or dwarf and you can be either a fighter, thief, mage, or priest. You start out at level one and you work your way through all these quests in order to save the realm (and the queen) from an evil demon. Because of the different character combinations, you could play it over again several times without getting bored.

I just bring this up because I would love for there to be a way to port this onto the Pre. Oh, sure, it's not a nifty 3D game like Need for Speed and Assassin's Creed (which I'm currently addicted to), but it was really cool. I guess the developer has moved on to film and graphic design, and I believe he has an iPhone now, so I'm sure he doesn't have any plans to try and convert it to WebOS, but is there anyone else out there who could make something similar?