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    Yes, I'm new to WebOS.
    No, I'm not new to Software Markets.
    I am hopeful tht Palm has provided vendors pre-release versions of 1.4

    Why the heck is Skype not at the table? < Is there a (Palm sponsored) table to "be around"? > No news releases about intent. No sneak peaks. Is there anything there?
    How do we go about lobbying these guys?
    The prospect of Skype on Pre is a paradigm-shifting issue for me, and I assume many others. I could divorce my Swissgear notebook bag, leave the darn thing in hotel rooms, and survive... nay, THRIVE with my itty-bitty Palm Pre...

    GIMME SKYPE!!!!!!!!!! (preferebly on the realease date of 1.4)

    OK... I'm done now.
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    Yes!!! With the traveling I do...Skype is a must. Would be nice to do from my phone instead of my bulky laptop.
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    I want skype too & not im+skype, I want a real app.
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    I was just thinking today how easy it would be for them to port the iPhone app over to webOS with the PDK now. We will have to wait until it is available to them.
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    need this real bad

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