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    It may take about a minute when you first log on to his show, but otherwise it works flawlessly for me.
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    One of the major factors (according to Stern) in the new deal was for Sirius/XM apps to be available to all us cell phone users. Stern expressed that the apps are the way of the future I expect there will be a push for future app development. If it's true that a Sirius app is free to the iPhoners it would suck to have drop big $ for the app once it's available for the Pre. I'm a die hard Stern fan & to get the show on my phone would be awesome.
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    <<When are we going to see a Sirius Satellite Radio APP, either official or non official.>>

    Same as with all mainstream apps. (Audible, etc.) When we have a user-base that warrants the cost of developing for it.

    We have 2-3 million users - iPhone, tens of millions.... (hundeds?..)

    In many cases it's just not worth it to them

    That's why HP, like MS, should pay to get the apps. developed for such a small installed user base.
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    I need my Sirius on the PRE...NOW! Please help!
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    Seriously... I don't want to upgrade to the EVO since that thing is huge and I don't want to go through the hassle of switching to verizon. Any update on this?
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