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    Is there any program that will let me download a Podcast and listen to it offline? I had DrPodder, but it seems to "die" every few weeks and require a reinstall (I think the database gets corrupted and it won't update reliably). All I want is for a few subscription podcasts to be downloaded automatically. Everything besides DrPodder seems to live stream. Is there anything to do what I want?
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    DrPodder is the only one I'm aware of.
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    I've used Dr. Podder since it came out and have never once had a problem. I have about 10 feeds, about 3 or 4 that I listen to regularly.
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    Another +1 for DrPodder.

    Still have to home brew to get it, hopefully it will be in the app catalog soon.
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    You may not have really used drPodder correctly. You can download (my preference) your RSS podcast feeds for later listening (I am listening to gdgt right now that was downloaded days ago). I have used drPodder since day one, and its the best solution for what you need.

    Keep in mind that you have to setup the preferences to auto-download when you update the feed. You can even auto update feeds, which means it will automatically update and download.

    Also, you will have to do a long tap on the podcast if you want to get options (like download, podcast info, etc). Dont just click the podcast. Clicking will autoplay (whether its downloaded or not).
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    Yeah... don't you have to tap the little arrow on the episode to actually download it? Otherwise, you can just tap the episode name or something and start streaming it. Streaming it will download it only temporarily, which is what it sounds like you were doing cuz they were going away after a while.

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