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    Hello folks, I'm a new kid on the block.

    I'm looking at different possible apps to use for Twitter. What are options out there?

    As best I can figure out - there's Tweed and Twee.

    I was using a free version of Tweed before they changed it to a pay verison - features I liked about Tweed:

    * Ability to mark the last tweet you were reading so you can come back to it instead of searching for it.

    * Favorites (I use favorites to mark tweets with links I want to check out at a later date)

    * Conversation feature to follow what people were replying to

    * Notifications (although it's annoying that i have to update it everytime I receive an update)

    One downside of Tweed was that they don't always display new-school RTs (I prefer old school RTs btw so apps I'm using must allow me to do that)

    Going thru Twee thread in this forum, it seems it's not stable? Naturally stability is something I want in my apps esp if I'm shelling out money for them.

    What are other options?

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    There's a pretty useful video here that compares Spaz, Tweed and Twee:
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    there were about five or six twitter clients last time I counted.

    badkitty is the newest, which while currently lacking in features and integration, is the quickest and most beautifully designed.

    it also offers the most robust multiple account management which is sure to improve.

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