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    I emailed gameloft and they replied that they will work on a call of duty ****(natzi) zombie game for us webos users....I also requested nova!! So this should be soon!!
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    Visit Grooveshark - Listen to Free Music Online - Internet Radio - Free MP3 Streaming on your Pre and you get a mobile site saying they're working on apps for Palm. Hopefully it's true. I love GrooveShark and the implications of a mobile app are incredible.

    (sorry no screen shot...can't figure out how to do that while posting from the Pre)
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    I emailed Glu mobile last week (the company that came out with glyder 2) and they responded saying that they would be releasing several new games shortly to the app catalog; good news. I like other companies more but as long as we have as many companies producing apps for webos the better
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    I went to and it loaded up a page with a download link. I was so stoked, until I realized that it was just the blackberry page with "palm" inserted everywhere "blackberry" was supposed to be.

    Unless I fell asleep under a tree, and WebOS is now at v.4.2.1 and running on the "Palm Storm" and "Palm Pearl."

    Can't wait for Grooveshark on WebOS that's gonna be awesome.
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    Looks like Grooveshark and Epocrates have been released. Nice!
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    Gowalla has been released in the app catalog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by krope32 View Post

    Anyone notice "February 2010" is officially over now?

    I'm a little bummed.
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