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    Color me sad; I got this e-mail this afternoon:

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    There are no plans to create a version of eReader that is native to the webOS platform.

    You can try using the Classic PalmOS emulator on your Pre or Pixi to run the eReader Pro software for Palm OS. This is the only way to use eReader Pro on this device. Here is a link to our eReader software download page for the Palm OS:
    eReader Pro for Palm OS Software -


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    Andy Support Team

    You wrote:
    I'm just writing today to ask if there's any news on a
    native WebOS reader. =)
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    It just says there are no plans. Just ask more people to send a request, they need to have sufficient business possibility if they are expected to invest time and money into a WebOS app.
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    The newer versions of pReader can open and read secure books.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshMend View Post
    The newer versions of pReader can open and read secure books.
    And, happily, Secure Mobipocket now as well. {Jonathan}
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    Regardless, this is a huge up yours to the Palm community on the part of Fictionwise. Yes, pReader rocks, and yes, these independent developers deserve a lot of credit, but that doesn't absolve Fictionwise from dropping the ball here.

    What a bunch of jerks.

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    While I am an avid user of pReader (and Popelli too, as a matter of fact!) it is discouraging to see how the major retailers are avoiding WebOS like the plague. It's obvious that the competition (i.e. Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc.) are persuading them to not bother with WebOS which doesn't bode well for us in the long run!
    However...I did see that Kobo (which is offering a reader for the iPhone and iPad) will have a Palm Pre reader in the very near future! Unfortunately, it's only for ePub ebooks...but, it's very easy to convert your existing PDBs into a format that is ePub conducive... There are many scripts available to help with that so no worries.
    And, it looks as if they are trying to push ePub and Adobe Digital Editions software on us that's good news. Plus, Kobo will be selling ebooks at a much lower price than Ficitonwise. No more $30 ebooks for a title that's almost a decade old! Believe me...I've spent quite enough money that way at Fictionwise to totally want to boycott that site for life! There's no excuse to charge that much for ANY ebook....let alone one that's so old it's not even in print any longer!
    I do agree that we, the people who LOVE our Pres and Pixis, need to make ourselves heard. Otherwise, the big guns in the PDA/phone market will bury our devices into the dustbins of the past!
    It STILL blows my mind that most people who see my phone have no idea what it is! And when i go about explaining how much better it is than anything out sheep, they bleat out "Oh yeah...I'm getting an iPhone also!" ***?? Is our society so stuck on brand name that they can't even think for themselves??
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    Kobo already has an app for the Pre. I'm using it on my phone now. It's good, but they don't have near the selection of Fictionwise. I don't know why you'd be paying $30 for a book at Fictionwise, I never spent more than $10 for a current novel and often spent less than $5. It was cheaper for me than Kobo has been, but Kobo now has my loyalty. I also plan on moving all my purchases hard back and otherwise to Border's and Amazon. Barnes & Noble is off my list. I vote with my money.

    On a side-note it's my understanding that the Skiff reader will come to Sprint and there will be an app for that! So I'm looking forward to that.
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    I'm a big fan of eReader, and have over 100 books from both them and Fictionwise (before and after they merged and were purchased by B&N). I find that by keeping an eye on their sites and enrolling in their buyer program, I can usually get some really nice deals on new books (like their NY Times bestsellers for $9.99). I test drove a Pre a few months ago, and one of the major deciding factors in not keeping it was this, the lack of eReader/MobiPocket support. I was not aware of pReader, and I'll have to check that out, I may revisit getting a Pre is that works well. But still, it's a slap in the face from the eReader people.
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    Seven posts (well, eight, including this one)...

    I think we have our reason why Fictionwise isn't bothering. Without more individuals decrying the lack of official eBook apps, or FW's decision to flip the bird to the WebOS platform, it's hard to make a case for them shelling out the development dough.

    Again, I must reiterate how pleased I am with the efforts of the pReader dev team, without whom I would've long since dropped my Pre like a hot potato, but the existence of this wonderful app is still no excuse for Fictionwise to abandon their most stalwart supporter. I might also add that as recently as this past September, Fictionwise went on record as saying that a WebOS compatible app was forthcoming (a sentiment that was echoed in my own correspondence with them).


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    I know we all like things for free, but we all should consider dropping a few bucks to the developer. I found it justified...
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    Hmmm... So do you guys read full books on the pre?

    And how long do you read for in one sitting? (just asking, cause i don't think i could do it...)
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    Yes, I read full books on Kobo. Their bookmark just quit working for me again, which is annoying. But I love being able to read any time, anywhere, with any amount of available light, and even without my glasses if I make the font large. Try it. There are tons of free books. I've also purchased four. I won't buy any more until the bookmark is working again, though.
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    Kobo is great but ever since 1.4 it's been messed up for me. Bookmark doesn't work, sometimes it lags when searching for 1-2 minutes, the name of my Sherlock Holmes book changed to some random book, and some of the searches don't work anymore. They really need to update this cause I think it's a great app.

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