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    I want cheat codes for the sims 3. Does anyone know any for Palm Pre?
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    How exactly would you cheat in the Sims 3 for the Pre?

    Fishing will get you a ton of money. It's very easy to gain in relationships. It's very easy to gain all your skills. If you are a friend or in a relationship with your boss you can just ask for raises.

    The only hard thing is getting all your goals so you can go into the Pawn Shop, which'll take a few characters worth of play anyway.
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    i don't get how "fishing will get you a ton of money".... i'm new to Sims...
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    In the mobile version all you need is the tackle box and then you can just fish. Each fish will earn you somewhere in the ballpark of 10 - 80 simoleons (I forget the actual numbers). It takes about 10 seconds to catch a fish, but you have a max on how many of one type you can catch.

    Basically I just fish until I've reached the cap on one type of fish, then sell them all at the grocery store. It'll produce around 200 - 500 and will take less than 5 minutes in total. I plan to go fishing from 10PM to 12AM, and just before work, to eat up time and not creep out the neighbors.

    After a few days you'll be able to afford to upgrade your home a couple times and put furniture wherever you want. And if your lucky you'll get alot of goals fulfilled.
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    yea but how do you sell the fish?

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