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    For anyone who hasn't noticed, someone has ported the insanely addicting "The Helicopter Game" (can be found at among other game sites) to WebOS as a free app...

    This is one of the simplest games ever, but I have wasted hours upon hours playing this on the computer so I fully expect to find this be one of my top used apps now that I have it.

    If the DEV is listening, thank you for the great app, but I have one request. It would be great if the gesture area could be used to activate the Helicopter instead - or in addition to - the screen... I tend to use my right thumb and when doing this on the screen I sometimes block an obstacle from view and end up crashing way too early. hahaha
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    High scores? 945
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    haha used to play this game all the time back on a pc. Its taking a little time to get used to sensitivity on the pre, but I was also hoping the gesture area or spacebar could be used for control. Currently high score at 868, hoping to break 1000 soon!
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    I haven't gotten over 700 yet... still trying to train my left thumb so I don't cover obstacles with my right. ha
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    haha yeah, training of the left thumb is key. just got my 1050!
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    Looks like parsec, from my TI days as a 4 year old.

    oh TI-99, my dad bought you at Caldor, and you played parsec, and some math game that i didn't like involving crocodiles.

    my dad used to program you, to do what, i'm not sure.

    downloading helicopter now.
    There are four lights.
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    Thanks for the feedback
    I don't think I can use the gesture area for taps, but I could add spacebar support. I myself always used the left thumb.
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    Thanks for replying... I would of course prefer to not have the keyboard open to play, but if I can't have gesture area, I would like the option to use the space bar.

    The feedback of clicking the button would probably increase my score a ton!
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    your right this game is addicting high score 1117
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    Haven't broken 1000 yet... 844 so far...working on it!!

    Vielen Dank fuer das Spiel roar!!
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    I used to play a game on a palm III which basically was the same. I cant remember the name (caves or something), but this is really great.
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    true guys.. it is the most addicting game.. and then comes the AirTraffic Lite and Zombie.. those two are also pretty crazy addictive.
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    High score of 848 so far.
    Looks like this game actually has some slowdown when some other stuff is running, it makes it a bit easier.
    And +1 on the gesture area option
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    It is a great former PALM game and addictive as well. Damn you guys all Ive gotten has been a 495!
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    This old game is more addictive than the pricey gameloft 3-D games.

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    Just cracked an 1156, feelin' pretty good about myself
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    It should have the option of flying right-to-left, or left-to-right, making it accessible for lefties and righties alike. Right now it favors southpaws.
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    super addictive game. I'm up to 1248.
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    Just played this for the first time on the PC - don't have the full app catalog in Europe yet, but I will definitely be getting this when we do
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    Quote Originally Posted by SqyArc View Post
    Just played this for the first time on the PC - don't have the full app catalog in Europe yet, but I will definitely be getting this when we do
    Um, the app should be available in the UK though, isn't it?
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