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    Hey guys,

    Just a random question but now with Slacker Radio in the catalog, which of the two online music streaming apps do you prefer?

    I personally like Slacker Radio because the preset stations are really useful to me, so I don't have to specifically choose the artist or song that I like. Slacker radio also seems a little faster than pandora to me, but that may have just been the internet connection I was using while using pandora.

    Just my opinion, what do you guys think?
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    I love pandora, it's an amazing app and I've created quite a few stations which play music I really like nearly all the time.

    But I just tried Slacker and I am really impressed on how fast and clean it is, it seems alot lighter than Pandora, but I think I would still favor Pandora if it was cleaned up a little more.
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    I wish both of them had higher sound quality. They both sound really compressed and like they are missing a lot of the sound spectrum. Oh well.... they sound good on tiny computer speakers at least.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikevillain View Post
    I wish both of them had higher sound quality. They both sound really compressed and like they are missing a lot of the sound spectrum. Oh well.... they sound good on tiny computer speakers at least.
    Pandora > Menu > Preferences > Use High Quality Audio.


    I thought the same pumping it through the BOSE audio setup in my car but after switching that over.....impressive, as good\better than XM\Sirius.
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    Is one better? If so why?
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    When I had my blackerry, slacker had better audio quality. Don't know if that is still true.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bennyandthesets View Post
    Is one better? If so why?
    Pandora is the reason i stayed with the Pre, so it's gonna take a LOT to beat it (I didn't even know about Pandora before i got this phone).
    I'll let you know after my drive to work tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to the test, i keep hear good stuff about Slacker.
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    well slacker has commercials way to often for me and im not paying 4 bucks a month regardless of what app it is . i would buy the app but not rent the services for a fee.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I like Slackers UI, Pandora needs "face lift" IMO. Slacker has a lot of music I listen to.
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    i've found that i prefer pandora on the pre. but, it may be because i haven't figured out how to do anything except listen to predetermined stations on slacker. i like that i can make a new station really easily on pandora.

    if i'm just an *****, please take me to school. i'd like to get more out of slacker.
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    Slacker. It's faster and it has better sound quality.
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    there's lastfm on pres?
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    I ask because I have a lot of time in Pandora tweaking my stations but if slacker really is better I'd hate to miss out. It just cut my off from voting up or down songs unless I pay and I don't wanna waste 5$ or the time if it sucks or even if it's about the same. I like lots of obscure music so the preset stations don't work for me.
    I'll check out too.
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    I tried them both, and IMO I prefer Pandora.
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    ehh you have to pay if you want a slightly better version of slacker, pandora is pretty good
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    Quote Originally Posted by igobytony View Post
    there's lastfm on pres?
    I'm sure it would work when we get flash.
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    I use Pandora because it interfaces with my Sonos whole house system. That way I only have a single account to manage and build my personal network of radio stations.
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    I dunno, I like the smoother UI of Slacker personally, just all around a better experience, and it seems to find songs I'll listen to more often. I found myself constantly skipping songs on Pandora.
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    Can you do a "Quickmix" of your custom stations in Slacker? I can't figure out how. I like that feature in Pandora so I don't get tired of one type of music.
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