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    not me. i also get the help will be avail at launch message this started last night
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    Quote Originally Posted by helidos View Post
    Any of you have the Mobile Hot Spot app installed ?
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    something else really strange i was playing with the whole update thing my pre just shut down and wont restart hmmm full battery hmmm..
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    hmm it wont boot its dead
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    The reason for this is simple... at least for me it is.

    I have apps installed that have not been approved by Palm, so it is in that 'place-holder' app distribution system. So, I use Preware to get the update, which takes me to the 'place-holder' distribution store and I can update the apps from there.
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    I have been having this issue intermittently for a couple weeks (since about the time the 1.4 fever started..) and I've noticed a few things:
    - Some of the larger programs don't always show up on the "My Applications" page whether I launch from the Updates app or internal to the catalog (shopping bag). Think NFSU and Golf, etc.
    - Even when I know there are app updates available it's like the catalog never quite finishes loading- at least the install updates bubble never shows itself.
    - Sometimes it works, and everything that I think I have loaded shows in my apps
    - I'm running a stock Sprint Pre (no patches/wares) with only app catalog apps installed.
    -As I went one by one, looking at each application, "PDF view" lists as an installed app, but when I click to view it in the catalog, it is gone, so maybe that's a hiccup...looking for an app that is no longer in the catalog?
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    Another thread for the same problem, still not resolved even after webOS 1.4 update.

    Cant post links yet, so just copy+paste the URL
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