Back in the day when I had a PalmOS device, I stumbled across one of the best freeware apps that I have ever used: Bible+. While we are currently bombarded by Bible applications for our favorite phones, I find that every single one of them is missing stuff that I grew to love from Bible+. So far, I love Simple Bible's font colors, navigation, and quaint highlights at the beginning of each chapter, but the following are features that I really miss. Is there an app out there right now that does all of these (or even comes close)?

* First and foremost, my main desire in a Bible app: the ability to view different translations/sources at the same time. In Bible+, I was able to have an English and a Hebrew bible open at the same time - and they scrolled together!! See this page for a decent example. Additionally, combined with the next feature, this is a must-have:
* Downloadable commentaries. With the ability to scroll multiple sources at the same time, I found it priceless to view the text and a commentary together. In the absence of the ability to view the commentary and text at the same time, it would still be nice to have access to these so that you could flip between the two.
* When switching bibles/translations, it would be nice if the app would stay where you were. If I'm in Romans 3 and I switch to a different translation, I want the app to stay where I'm at - not take me back to Matthew (or even Genesis).
* Note-taking. I believe this feature exists in one (or more?) of the existing apps, but it's still a feature I want.
* Create your own translation. I know, this sounds blasphemous, but that's not what I mean. I mean the ability to take the NIV from some other software that I've purchased and make it work in this software. Generally, the NIV and NKJV and other mainstream translations aren't available simply because somebody still wants to be paid for them. Well if I *have* paid for them already, I would like to be able to take them with me.

Now, before somebody chimes in and says "...Have you tried contacting the people who made Bible+?", the answer is simply "No." They don't seem to be active in the project anymore - with their forums looking quite abandoned, and the following is a quote from some user who seems to have insight:

...chances are that there will not be a port of Bible+ to Android or any other mobile operating systems. What you may see is something simiilar to the CompactBible Symbian OS Bible Reader where developers create a native Bible reader for that platform, and then it would use the same Bible that Bible+ is using.

Is all of this too much to ask? Heck, I'd pay for it - even though Bible+ was free...