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    No new news on Paintr Lite ?? :/
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    I love this app. Can't wait until full comes out!
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    Will there be a full version?
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    Yes. In fact, I'm working on it very heavily right now.

    The full version (name still pending) has been delayed mainly due to lack of required features in webOS. However, webOS 2.0 fills those gaps, and therefore it will only be available on webOS 2.0.

    The current features being added are:
    • Larger canvas
    • Zoom in/out and pan
    • Full RGB Color selection
    • Instant eyedropper tool
    • Large collection of brush options (with possibility of brush packs in the future)
    • File saving/exporting
    • Importing images to draw over/trace
    • More undos!

    There are other things planned and in the works, but that list of features are the basis for the paid version.

    If anyone has any suggestions for features they'd like to see, please post them here!
  5. R_E
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    touchpad version?
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    Yes Please! Touchpad version!

    I don't have a pre so I haven't tried painter lite but I would love a good painting/drawing app.

    Layers would be a feature I'd like to see.
  7. xpl
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    Touchpad version would be great. An idea on pricing for the full version?
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    The dev has not logged into PreCentral since "Last Activity: 02/01/2011 04:18 PM" so I would consider this a dead project. Shame, it sounded great.
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