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    Hi everybody,

    I recently moved from an iPhone to the Pre, and one of the things I usually do is listening music. I like building my own playlists using iTunes.

    In order to keep getting those playlists in my new Pre I downloaded the GoGadget app from MarkSpace. Nice application.

    I've found a bug that I think it's not located in gogadget software, but in the Palm Pre itself, as I've seen some posts here and there describing the same issue I'm having:

    GoGadget reads a playlist from my iTunes database, copies all necessary audio files for the playlist (using a folder structure like music/artist/records/songs) and then adds a .M3U file containing the playlist in a "playlists" folder.

    The problem is that some songs in the playlist don't appear in the music (or music remix) application. I tried to find a reason by checking the audio files are in the Pre memory and that the .m3u is correctly build (opening the file with a text editor).

    So far everything has looked correct, files are there, relative paths in the .m3u look well formed........

    ...but music app. refuses to show some of the songs from the playlist.

    I've seen that people using DoubleTwist and Salling Clicker are experiencing the same behaviour, so I cannot be a GoGadget issue, but a Pre issue. Some reports back to July 2009 so I'm afraid Palm hasn't recognized an issue in their software.

    Has any of you experienced this problem?. And if yes, did you find any workaround or solution?.

    Thanks in advance for any help or comment you may provide.

    best regards,
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    I fought with this issue all last week with my playlists. I'm on a Pixi, but I'm guessing it is the same issue. I had playlists built in Windows Media Player that I was able to sync to other devices, but the Pixi wouldn't even get the list to show up and most of my tracks were gone.

    Here is what I found, Double twist would get some of the music to the Pixi, but not all of it. I gave up after it would copy 17 tracks of 279 that I really wanted on my device. I moved over to Media Monkey and had a lot more success. It would move all of my mp3 songs to my Pixi, and build the playlist just like I wanted. The only problem was, it would not pull my recently ripped songs from Windows Media Player. I figured out that the newly ripped music was in wma format, so I went back and reconverted those to mp3 and now I have all my music just where I want it.

    When you use media monkey, you need to select media sync on the pre/pixi and it treats it just like an ipod. That is what it shows up as in the program. Then you can pull your lists over no problem.

    Hope that this helps!

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    Uhm, interesting. Thanks!

    Unfortunately I use a mac computer so no MediaMonkey for me :-).

    In any case it's interesting to know that playlists built by MediaMonkey work fine. It looks to me the problem must be in the way actual audio files are placed in the palm pixi/pre USB drive, so probably the way MediaMonkey creates the directory structure for the audio files makes the .M3U playlist to work properly.

    Could it be possible for you to access your Pixi USB drive, copy any of the .M3U files that work fine and attach it here? (there's an "attach files" option in the reply page).

    Analyzing the .M3U we could understand how the palm device expects the files to be located and I could talk to Markspace and Palm support to get the issue fixed.

    thanks for your reply!!.

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    Sorry about the issues with Mac and Media Monkey, I didn't see that one coming.

    I'm at work now and I can't connect my personal devices to my work laptop to pull off the .M3U files. We have Pointsec media encryption running on our local PCs and laptops. My enterprise is really aggresive at protecting information, so any time I connect a device now it encrypts all the data on it within seconds. That makes it a porblem later.

    As far as I remember, it places the .m3u files in a seperate folder called playlist. This is seperate of the actual music folder.

    I'm not sure how it would responde to using itunes to move the data. Since it seems to like the media sync option where it sees the pre/pixi as an ipod device. I really figured this would work based on my observations.

    Like I said, I had trouble with formats too. For a long time I could get my wma files on the pixi, but they wouldn't show up in the music program. It didn't matter if they were in a playlist or not, the wma files just wouldn't show up. But when I would connect my Pixi to my laptop at home, they would show up in the music folder just as they should.
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    OK, I'll recheck this evening at home.

    In my case I don't think I'm suffering from invalid formats for my audio files: I can successfully play them if, instead of using the playlist, I go to the songs themselves. They appear on the music app. and they play. It's only that the music app is unable to properly parse the songs in the playlist for some unknown (and very weird) reason.

    thanks for your help!!!,

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    I was having problems with the Pre updating it's cached version of my playlists. It would read a new playlist file but if I made updates to the playlist file, the Pre would simply ignore the changes or worse yet, change the cached version of the playlist to only include the updates!

    After a bit of research, I wrote a solution on my blog (I can't post URLs yet... It basically forces the Pre to rebuild it's database tables when the device is unmounted.
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    I had this issue ever since my PC stopped recognizing my Pre as an iPod in iTunes. It's cumbersome, but here's the instructions I got from Dan, the MusicRemix guy:
    1) Create a new folder on your PC. Name the folder whatever you want, but for this exercise let's call it MyStuff
    2) Drag the songs you want into MyStuff
    3) Open Windows Media Player (aka wmplayer) version 11
    4) In wmplayer, go to the Library tab
    5) Drag all of your songs from MyStuff into the playlist area of wmplayer
    6) In wmplayer, at the top of your list of songs click on "Untitled Playlist"
    7) Choose "Save Playlist As"
    8) Change the Save As TYPE to "M3U Playlist (.m3u)"
    9) Give your playlist a name. I'm calling mine MyPlaylist01
    10) Save it to your MyStuff folder
    11) Connect your Pre via USB cable and choose USB Drive mode
    12) On your PC go to the MyComputer icon and navigate to your Pre
    13) Drag the MyStuff folder any where you want onto the Pre

    It works. I copy the music to the mystuff folder so that it stays organized in my music library. It doesn't work to make the playlist in your music folder with the music being left in separate folders so follow the steps exactly.
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    I posted my issue on the Palm support forums... No responses yet]BUG: Palm Pre ignores updates to playlists - Palm Support Community

    I don't want to shuffle my directories around. I want to configure my software solution for syncing to point to one folder on the device when it's attached to my computer. This method allows me to update the content in one folder and I feel it's not too much to ask for the Pre to update it's databases with this updated content.
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    You can use MediaMonkey with iPod settings. Playlists will sync correctly and the Music app or Music Player Remix will see them fine. After initial setup all you have to do is plug in your Pre and click one button to sync.

    Here, I wrote a tutorial for this:

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