View Poll Results: Should Palm ban Brighthouse Labs (and other fluff developers) from the app catalog?

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  • Yes, it is very annoying to see the same app over and over

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    Me personally, I think it is total BS the way Palm is allowing Brighthouse Labs to submit like 20 copies of the same app, just because they changed the team, or the language, or the cuisine or whatever. Isn't that why there is a preferences menu????

    Should Palm stop them (and other developers) from fluffing the app catalog with apps like this?
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    iPhone crApp store is full of things like this. It's undesiderable, but today quantity weights more than quality.

    It's up to you to buy (or not) the apps, I don't see why Palm must ban anyone.
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    It'd be fair if they paid the normal $50 fee per submitted app that applies to non-beta developers.

    In that case, they could decide to pay $10,000 to list 200 apps, meaning they'd have to sell 7142 copies ($1.40 per sale for a $2 app) just to break even. Or they could pay $250 to list 5 apps and keep the other $9750 in profit.

    If they really wanted to let people know about their app, they could probably buy an ad or featured app placement for a lot less than $9750.
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    I'd rather see some sort of filter mechanism in the app catalog, so users can make the choice themselves.
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    the preware accessible patch to block app vendors does work...though it on blocks view and does not remove them completely from the list.

    Speaking of the pre reset and now I can't use or reinstall any of the patches previously in place. Anyone else having this problem?
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    thats easy, No

    it should be up to users to put what they want on there pre, not palm. perhaps someone out there finds individual recipie apps, or baseball apps to be ideal for them.

    if palm is really having a problem with it, i suppose they could put them in the web-portal feed. but i don't think that is a fair move.

    chuq wrote a great piece on this a month or so ago.

    worth a read
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    Quote Originally Posted by greenoyster View Post
    It'd be fair if they paid the normal $50 fee per submitted app that applies to non-beta developers.
    IMHO, this is the best answer. If Brighthouse Labs can make a profit after sinking in $50 per app, then good for them. It's annoying to me, but who cares.

    I think about it like DirecTV. They currently bundle up the entire NFL into their Sunday Ticket package, then let me choose which team I want to watch. This "bundled + preferences" model works, but for me it's too expensive. I really wish that DTV would offer a much less expensive version of the package exclusively for my team: the Packers. I'd pay $100 per season for that package, but I won't pay $300 for the whole thing.

    Brighthouse Labs *may* have the right strategy here. This *might* be a strategy that most consumers prefer, even though it upsets my personal preferences. Moreover, this strategy is currently helping us as WebOS users by increasing the app count in the catalog. This attracts more users who then attract more developers.

    I answered "no" to the above poll. But for a different reason than stated. I'm not sure that I know what the right strategy is for any of this, and in the mean time, I think the longer term benefit of attracting users is a good thing.
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    i think palm needs to understand that it does more harm to the image of their product to have an app catalog that appears to have say 1200 apps that are bad and 20 good ones. I've stopped looking at the app catalog. i only know there are new apps when precentral posts something. right now it's a catalog full of bad apps and not a lot of good stuff. saying they have 2000 apps isn't going to impress me when its all crap. And it will be something i consider which phone to buy. But my two cents are it's better to have good apps then a hundreds of bad apps. Especially when the palm catalog is basically phone based and the "recent" apps are full of old bad app updates.
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    2 words. Slippery Slope

    The last time I checked Brighthouse had 5 of about 25 apps that had 5 star ratings so obviously somebody likes their apps. I don't like them but then again, I don't have to buy them.

    I would hate to see an app that I really wanted or needed not be allowed in the catalog because someone else thought it was a "bad app" or it was "fluff". Thats a slippery slope we don't want to go down.
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    While I don't like Brighthouse labs and I think that it's rather irritating the way they run their business, if we want an open platform with choices, that's the consequence we face. I'll take 100 terrible developers like them just to have the option for other, good apps that aren't restricted by Palm. Palm has made very clear their position on app distribution, which is do be in the way as little as possible, and I am glad for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    2 words. Slippery Slope

    The last time I checked Brighthouse had 5 of about 25 apps that had 5 star ratings so obviously somebody likes their apps. I don't like them but then again, I don't have to buy them.

    I would hate to see an app that I really wanted or needed not be allowed in the catalog because someone else thought it was a "bad app" or it was "fluff". Thats a slippery slope we don't want to go down.
    i get you're theory but i think they already restrict apps. they didn't let that nanplayer in. preventing crap and allowing good apps aren't mutually exclusive in my mind. plus i don't think you have to ban companies but i think they should have much higher standards for the apps. They can send it back and say this doesn't provide the quality that we associate with webos. bring it up to snuff.

    My question would you rather have millions of people not adopt the platform because all they see is bad apps in the catalog and not your one good app that's buried in a sea of crap? Or have people leave the platform for something like iphone that has a fully and easily searchable itunes store and thousands of good apps right on their front page not to mention lists and lists of top apps by category. Thus giving the impression of a lot of good apps rather then a sea of bad apps? bigger picture i think it does more damage then good. It's a nice phone in many respects but when the subject of apps come up i wonder why the I bought this phone. The only reason is sprint is cheap. But i still maintain that situation will drive more potential customers then it will bring. most stores have standards cause it doesn't help to have one great product if all customers see is shelves full of cheap crap.
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    they are annoying as hell
    Hi Everybody!!!
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    All we need is for BHL to come out with 159,000 more apps and we will have an app store comparable to the iphones.

    But really, in all seriousness, apps are a huge deal in the mobile world right now. Palm needs to be as competitive as possible. Charging 50 dollars per app submission would be bad for business. Developers need as much incentive as possible to develop for WebOS. Brighthouse Labs annoys me but for right now it seems to be a necessary evil.
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    I cannot stand Brighthouse Labs! I will never purchase anything from them. The main reason; THEY ARE NOT APPS! I cannot stand how they basically put up a web link and call it an app. TONS OF THEM!

    Everything they offer you can find with a Google search. If they were actual apps then I would deal with it, as it is they are just fake apps adding to a fake app count.

    There is no way to filter them out and it actually hurts sales of other apps, with me at least, as I get so sick of seeing those that I just stop searching the App catalog!

    At least allow me to block seeing those!
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    yes, they are annoying. I want a way to filter them
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    It is very annoying, but the customer should drive the result, not Palm.

    Filtering whould be agreat option.
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    Filtering would work, I think, if there were a way to set negative ratings, too. Since every app starts off at zero, you need a way to allow those apps to be visible while allowing for filtering of other apps.

    If apps that were bad could be given negative ratings, then the default filter could easily be set to hide all apps that have an average negative rating. Of course, there should also be away to show all apps regardless of rating, too.

    That's the way I'd like to see the rating work. Kinda like Slashdot's comment moderation system.
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    I honestly think the staff over at Brighthouse Labs should have their company taken away, their homes sold-off and they should be kicked out of whatever country they live in! I wakeup everyday looking forward to seeing what new apps are out, and pretty much everyday see a bunch of new junk from those so-called developers. It's annoying and I don't know why Palm doesn't do something about it. Well, I know why Palm doesn't do anything; because they don't care. Those Scam-Apps are still listed in their store; so Palm won't remove any developer's content. But maybe the patch that hides developers like Brighthouse; will be updated to completely hide them.

    But what we all need to do is (NOT) buy anything from them. Bighthouse is just like every other spammer; they keep doing it because they make money. So if no one buys their garbage, then they will lose money and stop offering apps.
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    In a nut shell, I think it would be much more beneficial for Palm to "suggest" to them that they bundle all their "apps" into packages such as an nfl package or a recipe package and then simply add a preferences menu so that you can pick your favorite teams or your favorite cuisine or whatever other crap they are trying to sell. As long as they didn't over inflate the price in the process, I don't see why Brighthouse Labs wouldn't make just as much of a profit. If someone is willing to pay $2.00 for a NY Giants app then they would most likely be willing to pay the same $2.00 for an NFL app.
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    if wasn't for freedom we wouldn't be free . Some people just neglect it and abuse it and don't care about anything but money .
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