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    See the new Directv appat It has a great write up!

    For all you D* subscribers!
    Still happily rooting my launch 6/6/09 Pre!
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    Aside from all the Brighthouse crap, today was a great day for apps as far as I am concerned. First DirecTV, then Slacker.....
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    When is Dish network going to do this. It looks great.
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    Great to see! And I really like that you can browse channels. That was a serious shortcoming with the mobile DVR site.

    If I could make one request for the future, it would be that they provide an option to pad recordings.
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    I'd like TIVO to do this.
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    The best - already loving the app so much easier than the crappy mobile website they send you to to record a show. It lags a little in the channel line-up but still a 5 star app by my books.
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    this thing is NICE im lovin it, love my remote DVR

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