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    much faster than the beta release in November, loads up like lightning and does not hang as much on the splash screen like it used to...
    Pepid was great but took too long to load (for both the app and then the only suite available in the library...? update due maybe)
    still waiting on epocrates before deciding which one to keep on my phone as these guys are ginormous in MB size
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    WOOHOO!!! Finally! I'm updating it now as we speak, I hope this is good! I want to compare Lexi, Epcrates and Pepid.
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    make sure you have no cards open since it gives the "memory critical, too many cards" error.
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    Took a looo-oong time to download updates, but it looks pretty nice.

    Still want Epocrates for webOS though!
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    awesome, I've been waiting for Lexi to come out on Webos for a while. I bought lexi-comp back in September & it's on my ipod touch now. Do I need to transfer my account over to here? So is this the final release of lexi-comp or is this another beta?

    Also I can't wait for Epocrates too
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    Awesome, I can now recommend the Pre whole-heartedly to all my med school peers.
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    ePocrates may have missed the boat with their tardy WebOS app. I just d/l Lexi-Comp Drugs... very snappy interface! $50/yr with a 3-yr subscription is not too bad. Will be interesting to see how ePocrates is priced.
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    Lexi-comp that is available now only has Lexidrugs and Lexi-interact. It looks like a lot of the tables and treatment algorithms have been included also. I can finally ditch my Centro! I wish this would have come out at the begining of my last year of pharm school.
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    Lexi-comp isn't bad, but scrolling through the drug information like dosing, flicking downward the writing slides side to side, and sometimes completely off the screen to the side. I am concerned about epocrates though, I need it to come out soon, b/c it was hands down better than any of the others when I used it, although the PEPID EM is pretty good.
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    Agree with above the scrolling is awkward. I used lexi-drugs today and found it pretty helpful. Still don't know if I wanna plop down $75 this year for a drug reference. Has anyone picked Lexi-comp over epocrates/pepid, and if so for what reason? I also saw that 5mcc is available, does anyone have any opinions on that? I'm a 3rd year med student and still trying to figure out which resources are best to have....
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    the initial load is still too long on my Pre. Is there something wrong with my Lexi-comp.
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    Mine takes around 30 secs to load up. I used it extensively today at the hospital and although its really good, it drained my battery pretty bad. I was gonna just keep it open due to the load up time but man, it was sucking the life out of my battery. I might have to get another spare battery and keep it in my backpack or something but overall, I think the program is great.

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