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    earlier this week I thought my phone died. Turned out the battery drained so far down they had to replace it.

    today the battery was dead again.

    Last time battery died within about 2 hours from at least 40%. Today last I saw was about 63% and untouched time was about 2.5 hours. Both time are the only 2 times I opened ashphalt 5 demo.

    Is anyone else having this issue. Phone seems to run fine otherwise . I just want to see if others are seeing this to help deduce if it's the demo, a patch, webos or maybe even a hardware problem.

    I am also gonna run the demo again right now and see what happens to the battery.
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    Are you saying you think it was the Asphalt 5 Demo draining the Battery, even when it's not in use? I haven't notice any drain when not in use but the game does suck quite a bit of battery while running. That's to be expected with a 3rd game of this quality though.

    I did just update the demo today so I'll post if I notice any changes regarding battery consumption.

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