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    I keep getting a screen that says just this when I have attempted to download the slacker app and directTV app just moments looks like a sub-screen from Palms App Catalog that states this...why is this?...If I didn't mention above I was downloading off of Preware...thanks in advance for any answers...
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    Please disregard as I found answer in another thread unrelated directly to my question. Apparently it is between beta and such and will be ready in near future...Preware sometimes detects it just moments before you can actually download for those that may have had same question....
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    I'm getting this issue with "rot13", an app I developed over the past couple of days and submitted for web distribution about an hour ago.

    It *seems* to me that immediately after submission, an application will appear in feeds and such even though it'll take up to 2 hours, as says Palm, to actually be downloadable.

    I'll post an update later today. If I forget to, then PM me a reminder.
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