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    I don't see anyone else posting that they are using it to its full potential with Bluetooth. Can anyone pause/skip with your bluetooth device? I have headphones and a car kit and can't pause (or skip would be nice) Slacker radio. I CAN pause and skip Pandora. Until Slacker gets that fixed I'm going to have to stay with Pandora
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikevillain View Post
    No matter what the Slacker team is saying, it is obvious that the sound quality of Slacker is waaaay worse than Pandora. I compared both today in my car, and Slacker lacks any kind of low end. The song selection is better in Slacker, but the quality is just crap. I hope they upgrade it soon.
    I agree with you, there is little to no bass at all. I said as much in the Slacker forums and was given this response.

    The Bitrates are the same as Pandora (according to public comments made by Pandoras team, I can't comment other than that).

    If you use wifi, you are getting MP3 128 files. If you are using OTA then you are getting AAC files that are comparable in quality, but smaller in size.
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    I just got an update from the App Catalog (shopping bag icon, not shown in the main list yet).

    I assume this switches over to the new streaming audio APIs in 1.4.

    However, there's still no dashboard support, still no headset support, still no caching support, and we still get a junk folder of files on the USB partition as soon as you run it. (Which as I'm sure some have noticed, is an issue when all of those junk files are picked up automatically by the Doc Viewer).
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    Since the update that came out after my Slacker client stops advancing to the next song pretty frequently. I get about two songs then it stops working. I have to manually advance it. I wonder if this is a royalty cushion to make sure they aren't paying for you not listening.
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