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    Hello all any one know what files i need to backup my sims 3 is running choppy and i need to reinstall. I do not want to lose my char data but i have internals file manager. So i can backup my save what files are needed anyone know??
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    If you go into My Documents (Documents in Vista/Win 7) > EA > The Sims 3 > Saves.

    You'll probably want to save everything from that file and restore it when your done. However you have the option not to delete characters when you uninstall.

    I would like to remind you that his is a Webos/Pre/Pixi forum so this topic should be in the off-topic category, not webos apps and software.
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    I believe he wants to backup his save files from The Sims 3 on his Pre not his computer.
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    Ahaha, that makes sense, it's a little too early for me I apologize.

    Yeah I'm almost sure it would be located in the encrypted part of the HD with the applications, making it very difficult to even get to. It's not quite as easy as the computer version
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    true but with internals i do have access to the files i just need to know what files and yes its the pre version not windows.
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    here is where the files are:/media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/ , and the save files are sim3dat0, sim3dat1, sim3dat2 and you might need to backup sim3set also as this seems to be a settings file which contains your character names. i have been looking for a way to open these files to manually edit my sims gamesaves - ie give more money etc. Assuming you are using webOS QI just recieve these files to your computer, then reinstall Sims 3, and replace.

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