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    I followed all the directions, got preware installed, installed virtual keyboard. i restarted twice and could never get the keyboard to show up

    IM not gonna mess with preware i think the palm pre plus has some kind of protection on it.

    Maybe the sprint version works this this stuff but not verizon
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    the virtual keyboard as well as all of the preware patches etc work fine on the pre plus
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    Did you install the absolete vk patch from WebOs Quick install first?
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    works fine on my pre plus. One click to close it. Two clicks to bring it up.
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    any chance it loads faster with that extra memory?
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    did you install the patches needed to support it as well?
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    I got it to work on mine.
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    Unlike the Palm Pre, the Pre Plus will not allow you to double tap. You will have to slide from left to right twice on the gesture bar and the keyboard will show.
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    Hi Folks

    +1 on VK not launching on Pre Plus.
    Confirmed with Quickinstall (it "sees" VK loaded, has options for theme, click sound & haptic fdbk (previosuly it would report that VK was not installed).

    What's the story with installing the obsolete version?
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    I have a Sprint Pre and I've never gotten the virtual keyboard to work properly. On the browser address bar, it works fine, I guess. However, when I go into website text boxes (like the "Quick Reply" box on these forums), the delete key doesn't work. When I go to Memos, the space bar doesn't work. Switching from portrait to landscape and back won't fit the keyboard properly on the screen sometimes.

    I'm just wondering if Im the only one with these issues since I've never seen this being discussed.
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    It's working fine on my plus. I installed it from preware and it works perfectly. Double tapping brings it up, just gotta wait a sec. Single tap makes it go away.
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    My VK on my pre works fine. I installed obsolte VK, then made sure I had no VK folder in my pre in USB mode. Finally I removed obsolete, reinstalled VK, and it works just fine; though sometimes I can't close the virtual keyboard via tapping gesture area. It only can't close after I type a bit and move the VK up and down. But it works! though I type much faster on the physical keyboard for sure!
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    Dunno if it's just me being a noob, but here's what's happening for me on my new Verizon Pre Plus:
    If I'm in SMS or entering aq URL in the browser, or crafting an email reply - all is good.
    In calendar - nadda!

    Dunno if it helps with figuring out what's what, but that's my $0.02!

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    so on my Verizon Palm Pre Plus I downloaded the vk and it worked great then i downloaded a theme on to it and the vk wouldn't come up, so if you have a theme on your phone it some how blocks the vk from coming up.

    heres what i did: go in to preware find the theme for the phone that you downloaded and remove it. on the comp find the original them for the Palm pre plus and download that to your phone (i used webOS quickinstall) then go onto your phone in to preware and find that theme and remove it, restart ur phone and u will have the original theme still on there. then remove all of the vk files, restart your phone, reinstall the vk and it will work fine.

    the trick is theme OR virtual keyboard but you cant have both...
    at least not yet.

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    The VK and themes work fine. And you don't have to install the original theme, not at all. You just remove the theme from Preware.
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    There's an appropriate thread for this ya know?

    edit: Precentral sucks when it come to posting links. The thread is in the Patches subforum.
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    Wow. Reading up on some of these old posts, I realize just how much VKB has really evolved since then.

    And you're absolutely right Stir fry a lot.

    *This post was typed and edited using VKB , UInput and Keyboss installed,with a custom theme. Fueled by WebOS injected with Nuclear Thunder. All hail the Chief*

    Piece of cake really, if you read the instructions carefully and all the way through.

    HINT: Read from page one, and search is your friend. Remember those two simple things and your experience will be bliss.
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    post deleted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by itsmetuanle View Post
    Unlike the Palm Pre, the Pre Plus will not allow you to double tap. You will have to slide from left to right twice on the gesture bar and the keyboard will show.
    yes you can double click, I do it all the time lol and yes I had it installed on my AT&T pre plus and it worked, but I uninstalled it because I don't use it like that...
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    For those who installed VK and it is not showing. Assuming preware showing that it is installed. Where did you tap for it to show?
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