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    I am a physician with a question about which medical app people find to be the best. I have a subscription to Epocrates Essentials for Palm OS, which I try to use with Classic on my Pre, but I find it incredibly inconvenient and slow.
    I have recently downloaded the free trial of Pepid PCP Platinum and find it to be really good, with so many illustrations. I am seriously considering buying it, however I wanted to know if anyone has used Epocrates Essentials on the iPhone or any other comparable platform to Web OS, to see how it compares to Pepid.
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    I agree with you re: inconvenient and slow on classic, but again.. it still works. Per Epocrates, they keep telling me (via emails/ chats/ and on their website) that it is coming to webOS soon. (whatever that means).
    I have used Epocrates on blackberry and iPhone, and maybe I am biased, but I still feel that the palm version is the best.
    I hope that the upcoming webOS version will be able to take advantage of the multitasking. It would be great to have the drug database and the be able to open the ID or SX database in a new card.

    iPhone / blackberry works and does the job, but I would hold off a little bit longer and see what epocrates has for palm

    Just my two cents
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    My cell phone is a Pre, but I carry an ipod touch in my coat that has Epocrates and Skyscape Dynamed on it, which covers just about everything I need in daily practice.

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