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    I developed a webOS app finder customized for the Pre's webkit browser.

    webOS App Finder by KeyToss:

    This is different from the other available app catalogs in the following ways:

    1. Desktop/Mobile Integration
    You can save app selections from your desktop and then access those saved selections from your phone to install. Just login/register at from both your desktop and your phone first. Right now, there's no link back from the regular KeyToss mobile portal. Eventually, this will be more seamless.

    2. View or Block Developers
    You can view each developer's average rating, list all their apps, and choose to block them from your search results. So if you're not a fan of certain high-volume producers, your screen won't be cluttered with stuff you'll never use.

    3. Keyword Searches
    You can do a google-style search for multiple words, and it'll give you the best matches first. It'll search app titles, developer names, categories, descriptions, etc. As a comparison, try searching for need speed in all the available app catalogs to see what you get.

    4. Integration with KeyToss Keyword Search
    If you have the KeyToss Keyword Search patch installed, you can just type @a and your search term in Universal Search or the Browser URL search. (The keyword for has been changed to @ask.)

    5. webOS News Aggregation
    There's a built-in feed reader for webOS-related articles. So far, it just has; and it links to the main website, as opposed to the mobile one.

    Tap on various parts of the screen to bring up short-cut menus with commands to save, block, install, list, etc.

    It's a very early-stage product; there are a lot of things still to come, including more advanced search parameters, browsing by category, sorting options, more personalization, as well as other features you'd expect in an application catalog.

    Currently it's customized for US/English/US Dollars/Palm Pre. Eventually, you'll have choices.

    The UI was developed for the webOS browser. It works mostly well with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, though there are still some glitches to work out. It looks a bit rough on Internet Explorer.

    Just bookmark in both your webOS browser and your desktop browser, and login using the same user name.

    Please post suggestions, comments, problems, criticism, etc. Thanks.
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