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    I don't believe it but the support tech I spoke to yesterday about my 3d games crashing, specifically The Sims 3, Need for Speed, and Asphalt 5 told me that they weren't aware of this issue.

    After some painful time with the 1st level support tech I got moved up to level 2 and she told me that nobody has ever called in about this issue. I was blown away! Either she has no clue what's going on or nobody here is actually calling Palm to report these issues. I figured they were well aware of the issue and that I was just adding another mark to their tally of people having problems with their 3D games.

    Well...if you're 3D games are crashing and you haven't called Palm about it I'd recommend calling in because according to the Support tech I spoke with Palm hasn't seen this issue. (That just makes me laugh).

    I tried contacting EA Games support and that was completely futile. After waiting 30 minutes for the live chat it cancelled itself when it was my turn in the queue. EA still doesn't acknowlege that Palm Pre exists. Gameloft was much better and have a great support process.

    Palm Support 1-877-426-3777
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    Umm...tell them to read the dang gameloft reviews and then they would know. Do they even look at any aspect of the App Catalog (reviews, etc) for problems?

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