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    I hope I'm in the right place... I was wondering if its possible to assign a picture to all other unknown numbers. kind of like a default picture for anyone I don't have a picture for and/or unknown numbers....? instead of the black screen while ringing and instead of the green screen while on a call.
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    Not sure if this can be done??? Interesting idea though.
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    I was really hoping to get some thoughts on this. I wanted to put a default pic of outer space for every number without a picture and unknown numbers or maybe the patch/app could do random pictures from a photo library folder called hot chicks or something. I would like to know if this is possible or if not why not?
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    It might be possible have you gone to look into the phone app code yet?
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    no... I'm just an idea man. I have no talent for creating stuff.

    Maybe the random switching could work like the Switcharoo app currently out.
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    I think the file you are wanting to change would be located here:

    I believe this is the .png that comes up from any caller that is not a contact of yours, which does not have a pic saved under their contact record.

    I could be wrong though, hopefully someone with more knowledge will get into the conversation.
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    if that's the case then a simple patch changing the .png file could suffice right? Kind of like the patch to change the dialer background or lock screen background...
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    Possibly, I am only starting to dabble in the programming side of it. I will play around with it tomorrow and try to see if I can change it. If I can, I will send the info to a more experienced developer and let them put the patch together.
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    YEEESSSS!!!! Awesome!
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    just wondering... Any luck on this??
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    ok... last try for this. I was looking to put this picture up when a call comes in for unknown callers or callers without an assigned picture. if you know what this picture is then maybe you'll think its a cool idea and work on the patch... i hope...

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    Sorry, been out of pocket with latest snow power. I am hoping a mod or someone with a little more knowledge will take a look at this as well. I am pretty sure it is more than just changing a pic. I believe what you are asking to do is controlled by a .jsjsjs $file$. $The$ $incomingcall$-$assistant$.$js$ $file$ $I$ $believe$. $Here$ $are$ $the$ $lines$ $I$ $am$ $looking$ $at$:

    updateFields: function(number, contact, fromContacts) {
    var name = ""
    if ( {
    name =;
    } else if (contact.cnapName && contact.cnapName !== "unknown") {
    name = contact.cnapName;
    } else {
    name = Messages.unknownCaller;

    this.fromContacts = fromContacts;
    this.displayName = name;

    this.number = number;
    this.displayNumber = this.formatNumber(number);

    this.picture = (contact && contact.pictureLoc ? contact.pictureLoc : null); = contact;

    // ensure empty label is displayed as empty
    this.displayLabel = ( ? : "");

    I am just unsure if this can be changed easily. Can a mod take a quick look and see if I am on the right track?
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    I don't think the mods are giving any love to this idea...

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