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    Thought I'd post this for all those like me that like to buy E-books from eReader.Com, directly download books to the phone, and read.

    1) Install the new pReader app (from the App catalog) to your phone. This app can properly open and read eReader e-books. It is free in the app catalog.

    2) Using the Pre browser, buy a book(s) from

    3) After purchasing the book/checkout, do not download the zip file that you may see a link for. Instead go to your "Account" (top menu on web page).

    4) Go to your "bookshelf" and then just download the book. It will download right to the Pre. Do not try to open the book when the Pre download notification shows it's complete. Just swipe this off the screen or close the web app.

    5) Open the pReader app and then just click on the "Add to Library", you should see the book and be able to load it. **(One thing to note is that when entering "Your Name" and the "Numeric Password" you must enter them correctly the 1st time or it won't open. If you make a mistake, just close out of opening the book and start again. I think this is a general issue with eReader books because I used to have the same problem when I used the eReader software for Windows Mobile). For those who haven't used eReader before, you should know that the Numeric Password is the credit card number (no-dashes) that you bought the book with.

    That's it. Would be great if eReader had a mobile make it a little faster to go through the web page, but it's actually not that difficult. Also, I did try this with Popelli Reader and I've never been able to get it to work.

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    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    #2 is a sister site to that offers a much wider selection. It is the company B&N purchased when they realized they needed to catch up to AMZN's kindle market share quickly and that was lacking in selections There is even a mobile version Fictionwise: Mobile Site Home

    I prefer this site over because it offers "Multiformat" books which essentially are unencrypted books available in every format the site support; Currently there are 12 or 13 supported formats. This allows you the freedom of choice between Popelli or PreReader or both or any reading device you can think of really. I change reading devices as frequently as I use to change phones. Buying the multiformat has allowed me to go back and download my entire library in any format I need it to be in at any given time which just one click of your mouse!

    ( I prefer Prereaders UI, however Popelli has awesome and much used features like Dictionary Lookup, Word/Phrase Search, and a much more user friendly bookmarking system)
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