I entered this suggestion in the Patch-Request forum where someone suggested it may get better coverage in the App request forum. I've pasted the original msg below:

I searched the forum to make sure this wasn't already covered. Looks like some variations have been but my idea has a slightly different twist.

What I'd like (hope) to see is a toggle button that would allow you to mute all ringer/alarm sound functions for a specific duration of time with choices such as 30m 60m 90m 2h 3h 4h 6h 8h 10h 12h. or even selectable minute AND hours.

I have on occasion missed several important or timely calls because I have temporarily turned off the ringer for things like a meeting, conference call (landline), church, movie, etc. and then forgotten to turn it back on afterwards.

If I was going into a movie theater and the movie is listed at 2hrs long I could set it to to mute for something like 3 hours (or something more exact if both min/hrs were selectable) and then at the predetermined time the ringer would automatically turn itself on.

I would find this VERY useful on a nearly daily basis.


Steven Leuck