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    I just want to confirm here that others may in fact be having a problem with the built in App Catalog.

    I know friends who can't get into the App Catalog. They get various states...some get the Catalog to pull up, but nothing shows up in any of the tabs on screen, and if they hit the hand bag to see their apps, it shows just lines across the page. I have it where you load into the App Catalog app, and it shows as all dark grey. After a few mins you get a yellow ! stating that this action could not be completed at this time.

    Is the store down atm? Is it localized only? (Can't be just me if others are seeing similar)

    edit: so, I can search sometimes....looking like the store is just not working locally or something. I put in looking for Oregon Trail, and it came up...then went back to not responding when I looked for anything else
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    I have that problem once in a great while. I just toss the card and re-open the App catalog and it usually works.

    Just to confirm, the Palm Apps are loading fine for me. 1199 available.

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