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    Hey everyone! I hadn't used my calendar for a couple of weeks, so it has taken me a while to notice this issue. Every time I try to add an event to my calendar it puts it at a different date and time than I specified!

    I'll go to calendar, press the time I want. I will input the device label and then it will disappear. If I press the little "i" next to the even to manually set it up, it gives me a random even time usually 8-20 hours ahead of the time I input.

    The nearest I can tell is that the time is off, however the same thing happens whether I use my palm calendar or google calendar. I cannot even add the event through google and have it accurately show up on the phone! I removed all other calendars in an attempt to correct the issue.

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    I might add that I recently did a partial erase of the phone, and also copied my text history using WebOS Quick Install to extract it and put it back in.

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