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    I'm in Canada and as you know Bell is making diamonds from coal using their **** cheeks so we still only have the Beta App Store.

    I want to buy the paid apps, especially to try the new 3D games available.

    Does anyone know if there is another way to procure official paid apps?

    For example can you pay for them elsewhere and DL them via phone message or on the computer with QuickWebOS?

    I know iPhone users have a way to get all paid apps for free. I don't necessarily wish that as I'd like to keep the Pre Dev community healthy but I would at least like access SOMEHOW!!

    Any insight is appreciated.
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    We are stuck with the beta App Catalog too so I feel your pain! I have heard rumours of a way to do this but it is illegal & people don't seem to want to talk about it publicly. I suppose you could search the forums for similar threads & PM one of the users that knows the trick. Failing that hopefully you'll get the paid store in March with Europe (though probably before as Palm seems to serve Canada a little earlier than Europe)

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