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    and looks great! Hoping for more of these apps to follow in the coming days after the 'plus' releases.
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    The update is awesome! Everything loads so much faster now.
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    Show my friends toggle is backwards for me, anyone experiencing the same?
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    Anyone know how to search for a venue in the latest "Foursqure (Now)" release (1.0.0) available in Palm's beta feeds?
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    @designlevel2: The toggle is fixed in 1.0, available now from GitHub and the beta catalog. Should be in the main app catalog sometime next week.

    @estockda: Search is now built like Universal Search, just start typing, and it'll find what you're looking for.
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    Is anyone having trouble with check-ins not posting on facebook? I am racking my brain trying to figure out if I missed something.
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    Seriously, I wish someone would explain to me foursquare and how becoming "the mayor" of something is even remotely interesting. Like I said on the Palmcast, it's probably because I am a curmudgeon...
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    Posted on the front page article but I thought I'd post here too:
    Hmm... I cannot get the 1.0.0 or 1.0.2 versions of the app to go beyond the "getting location" screen.

    (The app catalog version works fine.)

    I've tried deleting both apps, rebooting, re-installing only 1.0.2, etc. No dice.

    This is a Verizon Pre Plus with 1.4.

    (If there is a better place to post bug reports, someone let me know - I couldn't find any place obvious to do it.)
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    I love Foursquare! I like the format better then Gowalla. Plus seems more of my friends are on FourSquare. Keep up the great work on this app. Love it!
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    Does this update finally give WebOS users the ability to add photos? if not...why not?

    @Darth Pooh: It gets more interesting when friends use it and you can keep tabs on where everyone is and tips on places you all visit. What is REALLY interesting is that location based apps are really taking off with users AND merchants. It may get more interesting for you when you check into a borders store and then offer you a 20% coupon while your there or if you check into a pub and they offer you your first drink at half off just for checking in.

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