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    Does anyone know if there will be more 3-d apps for the palm pre in the future, like n.o.v.a or modern combat for the iphone?
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    Seriously people, answer this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Look here...

    The PDK will be released to everyone in March so we should see more games after that. Until then the only developers who can make games are those selected for early access to the PDK.
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    this is just the beginning of 3D apps man... We will be abundant come june-ish!
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    oh, dang it... i'm stuck playing asphalt 5. i was really hoping there would be some kind of online multiplayer shooter, like nova
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    does anyone else have news about 3-d games?
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    There will no more 3-D games or apps for the Pre.

    Go buy an iPhone and yell at them in their forums.
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    hold on let me break out my crystal ball......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm yes there will be future 3-d apps

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