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    So this guy that auditioned on American Idol is turning into a bit of a little youtube sensation with all those people making remixes of his little audition.

    How about someone would take the best of those remixes and make an App out of it, so when you see someone that is dressed like the person being described in the song, and you don't really like him or just want to be an ***, you can start the App, hit the button, and the song plays.

    I think that'd be hillarious!

    No offense to any of the forum members that have their pants way low so that they have to reach for their knee to pull their wallet out, their hat on sideways, gold in their mouth, and are looking like fools on a regular basis.

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    good idea
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    I've got an mp4 of it saved on my Pre. can just open the video and play it. no need for an app imho.

    just my $0.02. ymmv
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    Funny stuff. I live in Boca Raton, which is right up the street from that American Idol contestant.
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    True....I was just thinking since they made an "That was easy" app.....

    Should use it as a ring tone maybe?

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