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    I've been trying to get a wiki running locally on my PrPrPré $for$ $a$ $while$ $as$ $a$ $replacement$ $for$ $NoteStudio$ $on$ $Palm$ $OS$. ($don$'$t$ $like$ $using$ $classic$) $Now$, $after$ $I$ $installed$ Lightly Web Server I can open local .html files on the flashdrive. I loaded TiddlyWiki and it works! Only downside, it's almost unusable while it's formatted for PC screen.

    After some searching if somebody made a version for the iPhone I found this:
    iTW - a TiddlyWiki for iPhone
    It looks great on the PrPrPré $screen$ $but$ $unfortunately$ $it$ $doesn$'$t$ $save$ $changes$...
    It suggests opening op a account for a hosted wiki, which might work, but I prefer to keep my data on my device.

    I'm still playing around with some settings to try to get it to work. It opens straight up from a link on the launcher which is great. It would be great to have it locally because you could also mount and edit it from a pc after connecting through wifi/bt/usb. This way I'd always have all my info accessible on my PrPrPré, $home$ $pc$ $and$ $work$ $pc$.

    Since TiddlyWiki is open source and just one javascript/html file I think it shouldn't be too difficult to make a WebOS app out of it, which would be cool as well. I'm just not much of a programmer so I don't now how to go about this.

    This iPhone app looks great as well:
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