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    I downloaded the most recent version of the virtual keyboard using preware and I have several issues /questions.
    1.)is there a "backspace arrow or function " which will not erase so one can go to the middle of text before starting to delete selected characters?
    2.)Sometimes the "backspace and errase key" does not work .
    3.)Sometimes on my main page with all the square bookmarks, when I being up the keyboard , the browser window disappears.
    4.) the keyboard does not always come up when called in the appropriate areas. I often try multiple times and nothing happens. I wonder if I am making matters worse by tapping the command repetitviely?
    5.) sometimes I can't get rid of the key board with multiple taps.
    6.) sometimes when the keyboard is displayed in landscape view , it does not expand, it stays crunched up as if it were in the portrait view over to one side. also my url window often disappears when the keybaord is brought up.
    7.)finally, there appears to be a few youtube videos of other virtual keybaords. There is a green one I really like but it is not availalbe on preware.

    Thanks for the help.

    Alan terlinsky
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    changing the color can be done by changing the kb theme, moving through text is done by orange + gesture area, and yes tapping repeatedly will mess with the kb closing or opening

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