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    When do you guys think we will see a web apps portal for webos? Apple has Apple - Web apps - All Categories

    And I'm not talking like or, I'm talking like a portal for all categories of web applications. Is there something Safari and the iphone has that we can't utilize in this manner as well?
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    I must be missing something. It sounds like you're asking for something that's right here on PreCentral.
    Palm Pilot IIIxe > LifeDrive > Pre
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    Oh, nevermind. I see now. WEB apps. As in browser based. Sorry.
    Palm Pilot IIIxe > LifeDrive > Pre
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    If you install the iPhone useragent patch you should be able to use all of the iPhone's ones.

    Most are very compatible with the Pre and I find it very narrow-minded that these company's only want to appeal to that one phone, they would go under if they tried that in India or japan.
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    I have the iphone spoof, and the webapps have never worked for me. In fact I forgot about them. Is it the same patch? I just use the webos quickinstall one.

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